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"If we truly want to understand organizations, we have to examine how people accomplish their everyday work."

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Innovating is a challenging activity because actors face an unpredictable, chaotic and messy process. In my research, I explore how actors can deal with the typical challenges in innovating. Here, I examine how they use routines, artefacts knowledge and skills, to generate novel ideas, concepts and solutions. As innovation usually is the product of the joint efforts of a variety of different people, I also strive to understand how the actions of different people are weaved together in practice in a way that promotes innovation.


Change is a central phenomenon in contemporary organization. My research, both, explores how change can be explained and how members in organizations sometimes restrict envisioned changes. I examine change mostly through a micro-perspective to understand how change unfolds in action. Additionally, I am interested in macro-explanations of change such as dynamic capabilities or organizational agility, and how they are linked to everyday actions. I am an active member of the Routines Research Community, which examines how routines can simultaneously lead to stability and change in organizations.

#grand challenges

Grand challenges are large societal issues that pose severe threads to humanity and the environment. Exemplary grand challenges are social inequality as well as issues related to environmental sustainability such as plastic pollution or climate change. My research examines how we can conceptualize and operationalize grand challenges to enable organizations develop better ways of tackling them. Here, I focus on how the everyday practices of organizational members contribute to grand challenges.


My research focuses on qualitative methods, such as ethnographic fieldwork and interviews, to generate new insights. I am particularly interested in high-tech organizations and use processual approaches and approaches that focus on discovery to analyze my data. Another passion lies in the analysis and visualization of sequentially ordered, digital trace data.


2020 - today

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the "University of Stuttgart."

2015 - 2019

Research Fellow and PhD-Student at the "University of Stuttgart" in Germany, including research stays at the "University of Zürich" and the "University of Warwick."

2012 - 2015

Founder and Manager of the start-up "devega Steinboxen" and several internships in high-tech manufacturing companies.

2011 - 2015

Master of Business Administration and Business Psychology at the "Private University Seeburg Castle" in Austria.

2008 - 2011

Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics at the "University of Hohenheim" in Germany.



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