Welcome to my website!

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at University of Stuttgart in Germany. My research focuses on organization theory, and here particularly on organizational routines and innovation. From an empirical point of view, I use qualitative methods such as observation and interviewing as well as sequence analysis. The empirical contexts of my research are typically high-tech settings and software development.

On this website I provide the latest information about my research projects and publications. I would also be excited to get in contact with researchers and practitioners that work on similar topics or face similar challenges.

Employer Branding 2.0 – Change Smart (German)

How do the recent developments in social media impact employer branding? In this article co-authored with Birgit Renzl we argue that there are profound changes that come about with the recent emergence of social media tools. For instance, consider platforms on which applicants document their experiences with application processes. Organizations, however, have to cope with those emergent challenges. We explain how organizations might change toward an employer branding 2.0 that uses the opportunities provided by social media and minimizes risks associated with social media.

The article has been published in “Austrian Management Review”. A preview is available on Google books.